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 For those serving to be strengthened with the Joy of the Lord.

Pray for those who are served to have open hearts, healing, and restoration.

Join our private fb page  below for quick prayer request and updates. 

2nd Thessalonians 3:1-5


of your talents-

help with administration, accounting, updates, and media. Share with your friends, raise support, plan fundraisers for GCA, or help handle online sales and shipping for Justice Gifts. Contact us below for more information 


There are often items wanted that aren’t easily available here. (Essential oils, craft supplies, English magazines and books, along with gifts to bless our friends and missionaries) Contact us for a current want list and shipping information 


on a trip to catch a vision, bring a team to teach the Bible, pray for and love on people. Have your heart broken for the lost. Share your skills and talents: from beauticians and barbers to crafts that could be used by girls to help them with jobs and extra income, to cooking and sports. Loving and coloring with children are always invaluable gifts you can do. We can find a place that you can pour out, train, and be used.

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