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Who We Are

Through GCA projects and support...

 children experience life changing transformation.

We know this because love always leaves a mark 

Everything we do from teaching, educational programs, classes, awareness, sponsorships, hospital outreaches and fellowship opportunities are all infused with prayer, love and the expectation of transformation. 


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GCA was established in 2005 by the Ricketts family. Shoals, Alabama natives, left their small town roots to serve as overseas missionaries with 3 small daughters and 10 suitcases. Their vision was to love people out of going to hell. Along the journey they adopted a precious princess. The Ricketts strive to be real and relevant sharing God’s love together as a family of missionaries. With huge hearts to see the Great Commission fulfilled through the Great Commandment they are a threat to the darkness. You will most often find the Ricketts by following the sound of worship and laughter to a table surrounded by friends. This family shines with hope and love, and after just moments with them you will feel the love and peace they walk in and be inspired by their stories and vision. 

Hope Marks

"I'm very thankful and blessed that my parents are missionaries. If it wasn't for their yes, I would not be adopted. Thank you for your support of my family" -Yaa

"The Ricketts family has added so much to our community.  Personally, they’ve brought much needed friendship to us and our children.  Jason and Sarah Ann have proven to be a safe place to share our lives, our struggles, our joys.  They are constantly serving, including, inviting, encouraging those around them.  Their home is always open, and usually full.  They see the best in others, especially struggling youth, and they are always ready to guide, encourage, and strengthen others along the way.  Jason and Sarah Ann model mutual love and respect in their marriage.  We thank God for the sweet fellowship, joy, and laughter God has given us by bringing the Ricketts family into our lives and community."  

Many blessings,

Jennifer Justine

Southeast Asian Missionary

"The Ricketts are a family that have given their all for the Lord and to love and serve those in need. I have come to know and love them deeply as sincere lovers of God and people. Their desire to especially impact vulnerable children is what compels me to support them prayerfully, emotionally, and financially. They are good soil. Their hearts are pure and I can’t say enough good things about them and their ministry. I highly recommend you get to know them and partner with the work they do for the Lord’s children."

- Cindy Hatcher 

Revive Leadership

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