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Hopefully Purple

Our 3 college-aged daughters are our biggest cheerleaders and encouragers in our adoption journey. They have been the ones for over 10 years believing in the promises and prayers to bring brothers into our family. Eleven years ago we began the long process of adopting a Thai child while living in Thailand. This was a private adoption in a country where private adoptions are frowned upon at the very least. This process took 7 years to complete. Never did we expect this to be our only adopted child or for it to take so long. Over the years the dream has remained but fear has tried to make us doubt and obstacles have robbed us every time we felt to take a step forward in the adoption process. The desire to raise up warriors and worshipers is still in our hearts. It is with great fear over our shoulders, that we choose to keep behind us, that we step out in faith to knock on doors and follow our hearts as we begin again the adoption process. Please pray for us to be led by Father God as we add more Ricketts over less orphans.  

Hopefully purple,


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