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This is really happening!

I haven’t written in a while thinking not much is happening but then I realized just how much has happened. We have been gathering paperwork. Reading about different countries, adoption agencies and trying to narrow down our list. We have been slow to publicly announce for many reasons but here it is...We are in the process of increasing our family through adoption. Even though you know that already it is helpful for me to say it. 

Because of an unexpected financial gift we were able to go to Bangkok and spend 2 days with Lilli before she flew out. While there God arranged an unplanned meeting in BKK with a Thai social worker right before Lilli left. We told about ourselves and we were trying to ask the social worker if she could help with International adoption but she wanted to know why we were not pursuing adoption through Thailand. We had been told this was not possible. So now we have paperwork we are finishing up to turn in. We will see where this goes. We have not laid aside International adoption. At the moment we need the paperwork for either direction. So right now we are working on fundraiser ideas, paperwork gathering and asking God for clear direction if it is an either-or or a both-and situation. 

This last week was one of doubt and feeling inferior. Who are we and what makes us think this is possible were so loud, feelings of overlooked and unappreciated. But here we are on Saturday and God has been so lovingly patient and good to speak truth into us. Mathew you are worth more than many sparrows. Has been made real to me more than ever. Chapel this week was a skit based off the I am Special children’s storybook. I started reading Fearless by Max Lucado last week. I want to share some of my reading from this am:  It also speaks of our worth from the same scripture. There was a story some children in a China orphanage for deaf and mute who are those 5th sparrows in our world today. Rejected by family because of their less than perfectness. The I am special book is about a wooden character living in a town that gives dots to the unworthy and stars to the worthy. This guy is covered in dots until he finds hope by meeting the creator who affirms his worth and value. These children in the orphanage don’t receive positive reinforcement but when they were given the book crying broke out from children and staff as they realized they were special simply because they were made by a loving creator. God knew I needed to be reminded of my worth and value from His perspective this week. Not just that but long ago He and Max Lucado wrote a book that would be passed from one missionary to another and sit on my bookshelf. God knew I would need an even more powerful reminder of why we are adopting. So He added a story that happened in a China orphanage so I would know I am not fighting fear for myself but also for our sons. For all the children who have never heard, they are loved, made in the image of Christ, full of value and potential.  Determined, I return to completing paperwork and praying for our additional family, our current family and you to all know how valuable and loved each is. 


Sarah Ann

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